Alison Turnbull

Alison Turnbull (b. 1956  Bogotá, Colombia) lives and works in London. She studied at Bath Academy. Turnbull makes abstract paintings from found materials such as cluster diagrams, architectural plans, and star charts. She describes how 'the original image, edited and then re-imagined in colour through the process of painting, gradually detaches itself from its source, is freed from its history and exists in the present tense. I attempt to give equal weight to the cultural and scientific context of the found material, the formal properties of painting and the material activities involved in making the work. It’s a delicate sort of balancing act.' Solo exhibitions include: Alison Turnbull, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh (2012); Galápagos, Gulbenkian Galapagos Artists Residency Programme (2012-2013); Observatory, Matt’s Gallery, London (2010); Black Border, Galería Magda Bellotti, Madrid (2005); World in a Chamber, Said Business School, University of Oxford (2003); and Hospital, Matt’s Gallery, London (2001). Group exhibitions include: Building Capacity, Storey Gallery, Lancaster (2005); Cube Retrospective 19998-2004, Cube, Manchester (2004); Open Secret, Imperial War Museum, London (2003); Turpentine, Studio Voltaire, London (2002); and British School in Rome (2001).

Turnbull is represented by Matt’s Gallery, London.

Last updated: 05.03.2015