Jennet Thomas

Jennet Thomas (b.1963, Hertfordshire) lives and works in London. She makes videos, performances and installations using speculative, experimental writing. She constructs elaborate alternate worlds that function as complex allegories for the contemporary condition. The work can look like T.V. news, experimental film, children’s drama, or performance art, opening up collective constructions of the meaningful. It is often absurd, comic, and disturbingly entertaining. Her work emerged from the anarchistic, experimental culture of London’s underground film and live art club scene in the 90′s, where she was a co-founder of the Exploding Cinema Collective. Her work shows across Europe and North America with recent solo shows: ‘THE UNSPEAKABLE FREEDOM DEVICE’ for Grundy Gallery, Blackpool, ‘SCHOOL OF CHANGE’ and ‘All Suffering SOON TO END’ at Matt’s Gallery 2012 and 2010, ‘Return of the Black Tower’ at PEER in 2007, and ‘The Advice Shape’ at OUTPOST, Norwich, 2010. Her single screen video work is distributed internationally by Video Data Bank. Her website is

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