The Rules of the Library

New limited edition print by artist Peter Liversidge

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Upcoming Exhibition

The Nakeds

25 September 2014 – 29 November 2014

Woman in the Bed, 2002

A group exhibition looking at drawings of the body exposed. The naked body is frequently the physical terrain artists traverse in search of the inner self. How to represent love, shame, solitude and sexual yearning? Drawing from the self or life model, from reproduction or the imagination, has provided...

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UBM Visit

3 September 2014 : 6:30 pm

Network members are invited to a visit and informal discussion at our offsite exhibition Full Circle. Bringing together a diverse range of artists and works, the exhibition explores both the continuation and evolution of ideas within individual artistic practice. The discussion will explore ideas and works in the...

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Outset Study is a free, open access research hub comprising a specialist contemporary drawing library and study area. Outset Study is housed within our gallery and also hosts talks, events and small exhibition displays. It is supported by Outset Contemporary Art Fund.

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Tan Lines

Drawing Room are delighted to be hosting Tan Lines the annual summer exhibition of works from artists working at Tannery Arts.

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