Study is a new, free, open access research hub comprising a specialist contemporary drawing library and study area. Outset Study is housed within our gallery and also hosts talks, events and small exhibition displays. It is supported by Outset Contemporary Art Fund.

Study at Drawing Room includes the new onsite Outset Study and our online Study which provides access to contemporary drawing research material including essays, videos and recordings of in-conversations, talks and events.

Study expands Drawing Room’s commitment to act as a catalyst to test the parameters of drawing, providing opportunities for artists, writers and curators to produce, examine, present and research contemporary drawing. 

Current displays:

The Rules of the Library by Peter Liversidge

New displays:

London Architecture by Pablo Bronstein, Adam Dant and Aleksandra Mir

  • Pablo Bronstein 2007

    Outset Study 2014, Pablo Bronstein 2007

  • The Rules of the Library, 2013

    Peter Liversidge, The Rules of the Library, 2013 Billboard poster