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'Nudes by everyone from Warhol to Emin are enticing, disturbing, distorting, masturbatory but ultimately most revealing of us as viewers' Adrian Searle, The Guardian, October 2014

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Hands On

Over a hundred watercolour drawings by Lisa Milroy, now available in our online shop.

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The Nakeds

25 September 2014 – 29 November 2014

Woman in the Bed, 2002

A group exhibition looking at drawings of the body exposed. The naked body is frequently the physical terrain artists traverse in search of the inner self. How to represent love, shame, solitude and sexual yearning? Drawing from the self or life model, from reproduction or the imagination, has provided...

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Guzmán and the Aztecs

12 December 2014 : 5:00 pm

“Chromosome Damage”, 2014

An in conversation between artist Daniel Guzmán and Elizabeth Baquedano, Senior Lecturer at UCL, London and Institute of Archaeology, British Museum. Guzmán’s artwork is steeped in the context of Mexican and pre-Hispanic imagery. His new series Chromosome Damage references the imagery...

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Outset Study is a free, open access research hub comprising a specialist contemporary drawing library and study area. Outset Study is housed within our gallery and also hosts talks, events and small exhibition displays. Its establishment was supported by Outset Contemporary Art Fund.

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Kate Macfarlane, Drawing Room Co-Director, was a guest blogger on The Coutauld Gallery Blog ...

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